Our Approach

Financial management should not be a time consuming constraint!

The CEO sees finance as a constraint, and scarcely recognizes financial management as a priority.

The CEO's key focus includes:

  • Develop sales
  • Know and surpass competition
  • Optimize the company's value  
  • Manage teams
  • Reassure investors 

The CEO's key concerns include:

  • The company manager spends between 20 to 40 days a year solving administrative and financial issues. This situation represents more than 10% of his overall work time!
  • More than 70% of SMEs are managed without any key indicators follow ups. This amount reaches 90% for the smallest SMEs.
  • The number of bankruptcies has doubled over the last 10 years, returning to 1993 levels.
  • Whatever the major reason for the bankruptcy, lack of visibility tends to be an accelerating factor.