Fund Raising

You plan to rasie funds in order to developp your company's development. We assist you in looking for investors, grants and any other opportunity we will identify for you.

In France, only 2% of CEOs pitching to business angels et investors reach their goals. Getting ready for it can take time. Going too fast will lead to big mistakes. it's not only a matter of business planning or showing spreadsheets to investors! We offer to assist you as follows:

Before the fund search:

  • Studying the best opportunities
  • Finding the right timing
  • Preparing your file
  • Executive summary

During the fund search:

  • Optimizing your company valuation
  • Helping you meet the relevent contacts
  • Getting ready for oral timed presentations 
  • Negotiating with investors 

Our objective is to help you find the right partner for financing your company's development. Similarly, we have the ability to help you in obtaining R&D tax credits and other governmental aids.